Cooperation with Sampo Accelerator (Finland)

To many of you, “mill” and “forge” may sound like runic shouts. Especially if they were heard from the mouth of the Finns. Meanwhile, The mill and The Forge are the names of acceleration programs offered by Sampo Accelerator located in Espoo, Finland.


The Forge acceleration programme is for early-stage startups, who are about to launch their product. „The Forge” programme name was inspired by a story, in which one of the central characters is a smith, we decided we need a name that would inspire and help people understand what is happening. At the heart of every smith’s workshop is the place where through hard work, they begin to forge their creations into a reality. The Forge aim is to help first-time growth company founders to not have to repeat the most common mistakes. The programme is based on what early-stage tech founders are usually most struggling with and takes place three times a year: Fall, Winter and Spring, Summer, and Fall.


The Mill programme is for more mature companies with around 10 people and a growing customer base. As companies are approaching 10 people or more, there is a significant change in the work that the founders should be performing. The action of the mill helps separate the grain (which is what is the main product) from the husk (not very useful), hence this programme is dedicated to those who are ready to grow and reach the traction. The Mille programme aim is to give founders a chance to pause and think about what will actually make a difference to their company as they are growing and entering a new phase, in which their role will be changing. The Mill takes place twice a year.


Brave Venture Capital is proud to anounce signing a partnership with Sampo Accelerator, Finland. Sampo Accelerator is startup and growth company program that focuses on helping you build a well functioning business, rather than merely closing an investment round. We are sure Brave Venture Capital and Sampo Accelerator vibes, values and unique approach to startupers will bring benefits to all stakeholders.


We are excited to cooperate with Mike Bradshaw, Head Coach, Teodora Berg, COO and dozen of enthusiastic coaches & mentors!


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