Our investments


A platform offering non-wage benefits for employees, supporting employers in modern and effective motivating employees to play sports and take care of their health.


Kopalnia Biznesu

Modern IT solutions in the area of HR Tech and Learning Tech.

1 200 000

mTap IoT Devices

mTap Smart City are controllers and the Smart City platform that enable intelligent control of lamps in the city network.

600 000


BallSquad is a software for managing public infrastructure and their users based on SaaS technology.

500 000

Get Care Today

Investment project in hardware Health Tracker using haptic communication technology.

1 000 000

Petal International

Petal International develops the SIFA application (Smart Indoor Farming App), which is used to control and monitor the parameters of factors influencing the cultivation of plants inside greenhouses or horizontal and container farms.

1 000 000

YouArtGift – DasForma

Youartgift sp.z o.o. (DasForma brand) is a company established by the owners of the Candellana brand in the area of 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

2 000 000 PLN


Artigiano realizuje projekt badawczo-rozwojowy w obszarze innowacyjnych kompozytów polimerowych kierowane są do przedsiębiorców i podmiotów działających na rynku tworzyw sztucznych.

1 600 000

Sellektor Technologies

Sellektor is a Marketplace platform for the eFashion industry. Currently, Sellektor.com integrates about 40 stores and about 10,000 brands.

2 000 000


Cubeeco – smart eco camping, systemu modułowej budowy ekocampingów wykorzystujących rozbudowąną technologię smart home, połączonych z centralnym systemem zarządzania obiektami, obsługą gości.

1 000 000


Rekruteo.com – projekt z branży eHR, platforma SaaS (Software as a Service) dla procesów rekrutacji, wynajmu pracowników i szkoleń podnoszących kompetencje (LMS).

2 000 000

Hedging Simplifier

The Hedging Simplifier application supports companies in managing financial risk.

200 000


The Azimuth platform is Intelligent Product Information, operating in the SaaS model, based on Machine Learning algorithms and neural networks.

2 000 000


A startup from the e-health industry that offers a mobile application that collects data on users’ physical activity and health.

2 000 000