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BRAVE Venture Capital is a group of funds investing in dynamically developing ventures at an early stage of development with global aspirations. Our investment horizon is from 4 to 14 years. We are interested in solutions in the area of: Internet, IoT & hardware, RES and Life Science, with particular emphasis on: MedTech and BioTech.
Our fund is the founder of BRAVE Seed Fund, operator of WARMIA I MAZUR CAPITAL FUND and KUJAWSKO-POMORSKIE FUNDUSZ KAPITAŁOWEGO, which are a joint venture of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and a group of private investors.
Key employees of BRAVE Venture Capital have successfully completed dozens of investments, including the co-creation and management of Seed Funds, one of the most recognizable funds supporting innovative start-ups in Poland.
Our investors believe that the Polish market of technology startups is in the initial stage of development and that many companies will be created here in the coming years that will become world leaders in their markets. We were established to build the value of companies based on the results of research and development projects. We act as a first contact investor, helping innovative Originators develop potential companies and commercialize projects. When we recognize that our mission is complete, we sell our shares to industry or financial investors in a manner that is optimal for the further development of the venture.

Why us?

We have a solid foundation in the investment ecosystem in Poland and Scandinavia, from the very beginning our goal is to support scientists and creative people. Cooperation with this environment determines how we operate, how our structure is built and how we communicate.
The investment know-how of our team was created with the participation of top-class experts with experience in the development of research and development projects and commercialization of technologies, thanks to which science and business combine in our activities into a harmonious whole.
We always see the importance of inventions for society, but we believe that their real usefulness is verified by the demand for products and services based on them. We operate like a fund and we care about the return on investment for our Investors and Originators.
We are involved in the process of building the company's value throughout its duration - our role is not limited to supervising the Originator.

How do we invest?

In the BRAVE Venture Capital Investment Policy you can find assumptions about the investment process:
- our financial contribution in the first investment round does not exceed PLN 2 million, only in particularly justified cases we can increase this amount, but due to the risk management policy, we envisage such a possibility in really exceptional situations;
- we take over a minority stake in the Company - we believe that the Originator should have control over the enterprise implementing the project, which is "his child";
- We do not believe in paper valuation of companies, and the parity of shares is not their derivative for us - we allow the market to evaluate our company. As the company closes the next stages of development and increases its value, we make subsequent issues of shares or stocks for the Originators so that the value of their package reflects the actual contribution to the company's value;
- we do not exclude the possibility of co-investing with other investors - we believe that it is better to have a smaller piece in a larger cake, and co-investing not only reduces the risk in the initial stages of project development, but also broadens the network of contacts and the number of professionals involved in the development of the project; we have extensive experience in building investor consortia - in projects requiring more capital, we also successfully identify opportunities to support our companies from public funds;
- our investment horizon is from 4 to 14 years - if we get an offer to buy back our shares earlier and we decide that it is beneficial for the Fund and the company, we will probably consider it;
- we have no restrictions on how to exit the investment - depending on the circumstances, we can strive, among others to sell the shares of the Principal or the company's management, other financial or industry investors, or to exit through the Stock Exchange.

What a project should have
for us to invest in it?

- for us, the most important thing is competent management staff - at this stage of development, when projects reach us, we invest in people. The following are extremely important to us: commitment, individual predispositions, competences and team achievements. However, we do not require the team to be able to do everything - it is natural for us to replenish competences. We also emphasize that involvement in a business project does not have to mean the end of a scientific career.
- we know many Originators who create fantastic products that no one has ever bought. Hence, we pay attention to the degree of the Originator's concentration on the concept of generating revenues and building the value of the Company. The clearer and more logical the vision of market activities: preparatory and implementation, the easier it is to convince us that "it can be successful".
- of course, we know that even a competent team with a good business model will not be able to sell a weak and underdeveloped product. However, we list the product only in the last place to emphasize that an interesting technical solution does not guarantee business success in itself. We are interested in projects in which we see a competitive advantage of a permanent nature. When it comes to the market, we evaluate not only its size and trends, but also to what extent the originator knows it.

What are we investing in?

Medycyna i usługi zdrowotne


Sektor żywności

Sektor IT

We conduct an open call for proposals, originators can submit their projects to us on an ongoing basis. We are looking for projects at an early stage of implementation and it is easier for us to interest us in a project with a slightly greater investment readiness than the idea itself. We appreciate whether the originator already has a prototype of the solution, but this does not mean that we disqualify projects that still have to exit the concept phase. We are particularly interested in projects in the areas of: Internet, IoT & hardware, RES and Life Science, with particular emphasis on: MedTech and BioTech, under which we have many opportunities for non-financial support, e.g. due to the ecosystem in Poland and Scandinavia.