New investment – BallSquad

BallSquad is another investment carried out with the support of the Brave Seed Fund. The startup, existing since 2018, focuses on the area of ​​SaaS (Software as a Service) software for sports facilities and enables them to easily manage their sports infrastructure. It is also the first All-in-One application in Poland for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, operating as a marketplace between owners of sports facilities and athletes.

BallSquad focuses largely on servicing public infrastructure, primarily sports facilities in schools and universities, as well as eagles. The system thus guarantees access to facilities management tools, increases the level of digitization in the organization of work and the availability of infrastructure for residents.

It is worth noting that the solutions proposed by BallSquad bring a number of benefits for city authorities, which, based on detailed reports and Big Data infrastructure, can analyze the level of current use of city infrastructure by residents. This is a key factor that allows authorities to make informed decisions about future investments related to the expansion of urban infrastructure.

The All-in-One application created by BallSquad provides users with constant access to a comprehensive database of sports fields in Poland. Through the application, users can easily search and book online sports facilities in selected cities in Poland, create their own events and connect with the sports community. Thanks to fast online payments and simplified pitch booking procedures in just a few clicks, users are not required to sign contracts with the sports facility and conduct mailings.


We are pleased to welcome on board: Walid Barsali, Dorota Caban, Dmitry Danilchenko, Grzegorz Maciaszek and Anastasiya Danilchenko

Link to the BallSquad startup website: